The Green Life Granny

You’ve found Granny! That’s right, I’m Lisa High aka The Green Life Granny and I couldn’t be more pleased that you’re here! I’m a medical cannabis patient that lives a higher quality of life thanks to this amazing plant. 

Cannabis is Amazing for Granny and YOU!

Cannabis may be just what you need to help improve the quality of life you’re currently living. This amazing plant has the ability to help reduce inflammation and pain, increase appetite, help aid sleep, fight anxiety, depression, stress, and so much more. Cannabinoid therapies are continually advancing. What used to just be THC has evolved into THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and many others. The world of cannabis can be confusing especially if you’re new to it. Granny is here to help take the scary out of Mary by removing the confusion and helping clear the air about how medical cannabis may potentially help you, as it has me!

You can find stories of medical cannabis helping individuals suffering with medical conditions such as Dravet Syndrome epilepsy, neuropathy, chronic pain, cancer, and other life threatening conditions. Over the years these stories have become more abundant. Cannabis seems to help a lot of people in a lot of different ways. But, remember it doesn’t always help everyone. Yes, that’s right, there are some people that it just doesn’t seem to work for.

There are also many more ways to consume cannabis than just smoking it. Granny is here to help inform everyone about the many multiple delivery methods of cannabis consumption. Smoking, vaping, edibles, topicals, transdermals, sublinguals, and canna-pharma such as activated cannabis oil capsules all have different effects.  Picking the right one or ones for you is important in order to see success from a cannabinoid therapy regimen.

Who is The Green Life Granny?

I went from being overweight in a wheelchair wearing a helmet to where I am today in just a few short years. At one time I was prescribed daily Fentanyl suckers and various other opioids. I may be out of the wheelchair and helmet but many days I feel like I’m still stuck in them. I live with PTSD and chronic pain, some from my medical conditions, others as a result of the prolonged pharmaceutical use. Check out the about me section of my website to learn more about who The Green Life Granny is and how she came to be!

Let’s be Patient With Each Other

Now you will have to be patient with me and I promise to do the same. Being that I am a medical patient, I have good days and bad ones. Sometimes there are good weeks and sometimes, there are bad ones. But, I will always try to be here to share news about cannabis business, community, culture, lifestyle, and industry.

From patient interviews and medical research to what’s happening and where it’s happening at, Granny is going to do her best to keep you in the loop. I aim to share all sorts of blazin’ news and stories with you all.

TGLG Exists to Be the B.A.R.

I started to serve as an educational platform to help increase awareness about medical cannabis. Granny wants to help share her knowledge about what she’s experienced on the road to recovery seeking progress not perfection. Everyday is a struggle for somebody somewhere. I know this very well. With the help of unconditional love we can all make it through the day smiling and making the world much better for others.

Be the B.A.R (Beautiful, Amazing, Real)! – The Green Life Granny

Talk to Granny! Share Your Story with Others!

Who better to talk to than your Granny? You can find me on Facebook and Instagram or you can leave me a message through the contact form here on my website. If you want to keep our conversation confidential, be sure to let Granny know. Otherwise, I may share what you have to say on my website and social media with others! 

I am always looking for cannabis success stories to share with others, so reach out and talk to Granny if you have a story that needs to be told! You never know when your story of healing may be the turning point on the path for another.

Product Reviews by Granny!

Have a product you want Granny to try? Perhaps you have a new dab pen and want to see if this ole gal can handle it? Perhaps you have designed an easy to use grinder that I can actually use with arthritis and pins in my hands. Maybe you made a cool new storage container for my medicine… whatever it is, Granny is always on the search for new products that can enhance my greener lifestyle and make medicating easier! If you have a product and want Granny to review it for my network, send me a message via my contact page or social media!

Calling All Community Leaders and Industry Minds

Cannabis has remained strong throughout cultures around the globe because of people just like yourself. The ones that don’t give up hope. The ones that would not buy into the propaganda and outright lies we were fed about this miraculous plant, and thanks to these individuals, today, more than ever, people are starting to have safe and legal access to this a life changing medicine.

Thanks to this, there is a burgeoning industry surrounding this culture that is still in the infancy stages. If you are a community leader, advocate, or industry entrepreneur I invite you to engage with Granny to help others in their paths to healing, safely, naturally, and legally!