Welcome to my page and thanks for stopping by! My name is Lisa High aka The Green Life Granny! I am a medical cannabis patient with a passion for educating others on holistic and herbal healing, greener living, and many other topics you may find of interest. Join me on my journey and learn more about how cannabis has saved my life and how I plan to educate the world on all this amazing plant and many others have to offer!

The Green Life Granny is amazing. She brings so much love and light to the world as she is educating the masses on the important benefits that cannabis (both marijuana and hemp) have to offer. If you ever get the chance to meet her, don’t pass up the opportunity. Her energy is unparalleled! ~Ashley P. of CannaLance

Unparalleled Energy and Passion

You can learn more about Seth in this YouTube video today and about Greener Pastures Tennessee on Facebook! 

Seth Green- Patient and Friend

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