Indica Cannabis Varieties Made Simple by Granny

Indica Cannabis Varieties Made Simple by Granny

When educating the public about cannabis one of the questions that Granny receives all the time is what are Indicas? Indicas are a specific variety of cannabis strains that offer effects not found in other varieties for most consumers and patients. If you are new to the cannabis scene all the information surrounding the plant can become quite confusing. Don’t worry Granny is here to help. Let’s journey together and look at what makes Indica varieties of cannabis stand out from the rest.

For many patients and consumers, Indica varieties of cannabis tend to provide a full body effect rather than the cerebral effect that you get with other varieties. This full body effect typically comes in the form of an intense relaxation due to the relief from pain and inflammation that many receive from consuming Indica based strains and products. Indica strains of cannabis also tend to have a higher THC concentration in comparison to other varieties.

This combination of a full body relaxation and higher THC concentration tends to steer many consumers and patients away from consuming these strains during the day. Many individuals prefer to consume Indicas in the evening or when they can relax and fully receive the benefits that they offer.

Indica varieties of cannabis also differ in appearance. Indica plants tend to be shorter bushier plants with thick, short, fat fingered leaves which is the opposite of other varieties of cannabis that fall under what are known as Sativa varieties which you can learn about here.

Some Indica cannabis strains that you may have heard of include Northern Lights, Hindu Kush, Skunk, Afghani, Hash Plant, Purple Urkle, and Granddaddy Purple to name a few! Are you a fan of Indica strains? Have you found an Indica strain that brings you relief or intense enjoyment? If so, Granny would love to hear about them in the comments below! Check out our Sativa and Hybrid blogs as well to learn more about the other varieties of cannabis!

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