Colorado American Medical Cannabis Refugees Holiday Food Box Drive


The Green Life Granny has a special place in her heart and understanding for what the meaning of a medical cannabis refugee is. Granny herself is a medical cannabis refugee. Cannabis helped to save my life. Some people hear the term cannabis refugee and are not familiar with it. Others know exactly what it entails. A medical cannabis refugee is someone who lives in a state with legal access to cannabis. Most medical cannabis refugees are forced to move to states with legal recreational access to cannabis such as Colorado Washington or Oregon.

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These people leave behind family, friends, and loved ones in the states they call home to utilize cannabis as a treatment legally elsewhere. If you’re like me and there was something you could do to help these medical cannabis refugees, you would. The holiday season is coming up fast. This is a particularly rough time of year for medical cannabis refugees who have left behind their loved ones.

Finances are always tight in households of medical cannabis refugees. The AMR (American Medical Refugees) has a holiday fund for medical cannabis refugees in Colorado. This is a kind, thoughtful, and charitable cause that The Green Life Granny (TGLG) supports 420%! If you’d like to help these families out this holiday season, there’s something you can do. The AMR is currently seeking and collecting donations in Colorado as well as monetary donations from anyone anywhere who’s willing to lend a helping hand.


No matter whether you have $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, or more every penny helps. Proceeds from the donations received will go to the Holiday Food Box Drive for Colorado Medical Cannabis Refugee families. Your gift can help put a smile on somebody’s face this holiday season when they need it most.

You can donate to the AMR Holiday Food Box Drive via PayPal at:

Thank you for your support!

A message from Amy Dawn Bourlon-Hilterbran:

Last year, AMR (American Medical Refugees) delivered to 80 families all over Colorado. There’s even more signed up this year, so we are scheduling 4 pickup locations: Florence, Colorado Springs, Pueblo & Denver. Also, it’s possible we will have a Thornton area as well.

  • Last year, our #GoFundMe was held captive for months
  • This year, our #YouCaring was shut down and funds returned to those who donated for our food drive / red card program

It is getting harder and harder to raise money for these families and more difficult to get people to ACT. Can you help? Please do all you can, when you can, while you can…and thank you.


#WeAreAMR #AmericanMedicalRefugees

100% of ALL donations to our PayPal thru December 15th will go specifically to our food drive. All food boxes that do not have dietary requirements will be identical and include one (1) month of groceries, a turkey or ham and holiday dinner.

We purchase our groceries and produce locally from small business, farmers, and orchards – which is more expensive and timely than visiting the big retail machines…but it matters. We put food on their table by helping put food on the tables of Colorado Medical Cannabis Refugees. It makes a difference – we can all make a difference, ESPECIALLY when we work together.

You can donate to the AMR Holiday Food Box Drive via PayPal at:

Thank you for considering a donation! #WeAreAMR #AmericanMedicalRefugees

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