The Green Life Granny Wants You to Know Cannabis Is Medicine

The Green Life Granny is here to help answer questions for anyone who has them to ask. You may find yourself asking the question is cannabis medicine? If so allow Granny to be the first one to tell you yes. Cannabis is medicine. The fact that cannabis is a medicine isn’t new news either. If this is new news to you, then it’s because you’ve been using resources that bury the truth. Cannabis has been utilized by cultures and communities globally for a long time now.

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You can find written documentation of the therapeutic benefits and uses of cannabis in pharmacopeias from around the world such as China, India, and yes even here in the United States of America. That’s right folks; cannabis was part of the U.S. Pharmacopeia until 1941. It was officially removed from the U.S. Pharmacopeia in 1942. Coincidentally the US government put out a short film about all the uses and benefits cannabis had to offer while encouraging farmers to grow cannabis AKA hemp for the war effort during World War II.

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This film was called Hemp for Victory and would have been forgotten about and buried by the government if not for the brave and noble actions of the legendary cannabis activist, supporter, author, and friend of many Jack Herer. Cannabis is medicine. This medicine helps a broad spectrum of conditions. Cannabis doesn’t necessarily cure everyone or everything, but it has cured many and also helped countless individuals experience a better quality of life. There are no pharmaceutical prescriptions available that work the way cannabis does.

Currently, the list of potential side effects from simple over-the-counter medications to the prescriptions your doctor prescribe are frightening. Everything from nosebleeds, dizziness, loss of breath, fatigue, swelling of the ankles, and even possible death are starting to wake people up and make them think about what they’re putting in their body. Especially when they hear about an all-natural plant with virtually no side effects other than happy, hungry, horny, and sleepy, that’s helping so many.


Here is a breakdown of cannabis utilized as medicine throughout history!

2900 BC – Fu Hsi a Chinese emperor referenced cannabis in the form of Ma. He stated that both yin and yang were possessed in Ma.

2700 BC –  Just 200 years later considered by many to be the father of Chinese medicine Emperor Shen Nung was said to have discovered that cannabis contains healing properties.

1500 BC-  1200 years later you’ll find the first reference to medical cannabis in the Chinese pharmacopeia.

1450 –  BC holy anointing oil is referenced in the book of Exodus.

1213 BC –  The Egyptian empire utilized cannabis for a multitude of issues such as inflammation and glaucoma. The Mummy of Ramesses II was found with cannabis pollen on it.

1000 BC – Bhang cannabis is a hit in India! Those in India enjoyed a cannabis-infused drink made with milk and cannabis called Bhang.

200 BC- Just over 800 years later ancient Greece had discovered the benefits cannabis offered. Benefits such as the reduction of inflammation and as a remedy for earaches.

1 AD – Cannabis is referenced more in the Chinese text than ever in the past. By this time cannabis had recommendations for helping with over 100 different ailments.

200 AD – An anesthetic made from wine and cannabis resin was used by Chinese surgeon Hua T’O.

1611 and 1762 – Settlers in Jamestown begin to bring different varieties of cannabis into North America.

1745 through 1775-  George Washington the first president of America logged 30 years of hemp cultivation at his Mount Vernon Plantation.

1774 through 1824 –  Thomas Jefferson and Monticello also logged in hemp farming.

1799 – Napoleon who was known for being such an angry individual had his forces bring cannabis to Egypt in France. Apparently, his troops needed to blaze in order to put up with his angry little butt.

The 1840s – Cannabis was mainstream medicine, and it was officially added to the United States Pharmacopeia in 1850 listing dozens of conditions from rabies and Anthrax to tonsillitis and insanity that it worked to help treat.

1906 – The FDA was born under the signing of the Food and Drug Act by President Roosevelt. And just a few short years cannabis would be through. Well at least the FDA would think so.

1911 – Cannabis was outlawed in Massachusetts.

1915 to 1927 – Cannabis prohibition laws were passed in 10 states

1928 – Cannabis was officially added to the UK’s Dangerous Drug Act.

1936 – New medication evolves for supplementing cannabis in the area of pain management. Medicines such as morphine, opium-derived drugs, and aspirin. In less than a year these Pharmaceutical tyrants owned the government.

1936 was also coincidentally when Reefer Madness was launched. The anti-cannabis campaign filled with lies. The only thing truthful about the entire movie is the end, and that would be if they were to change marijuana to prescription pills.

1937 – The Marihuana Tax Act was in full swing causing the decline of prescriptions containing cannabis. On October 2nd of 1937, Samuel R Caldwell was arrested in Denver Colorado and sentenced to four years hard labor and $1,000 fine. His four years of hard labor was in Leavenworth penitentiary. He was the first victim of the war against cannabis.

1938 –  Canada joins America’s efforts prohibits the cultivation of cannabis.

1942 – Cannabis was removed from the US pharmacopeia replaced with the beginning of the deadly prescription drugs that are so overly abused today.

1971 – The War on Drugs was declared by President Nixon

1990 – Scientist discovered cannabinoid receptors, and in 1992 they discovered the first Endocannabinoid.

1996 – on November 5th, California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana though some form of laws existed in Alaska before this.


Today we have cannabis legalization on a retail / recreational level in eight states with more than 28 states having some form of medical cannabis access. While this is great progress this is not enough. Simply put cannabis needs to be allowed back into the lives of everyone in the world. It does not need to be regulated, taxed, and turned into some form of synthetic medicine. What people who study cannabis intensely seem to miss is that part of what makes cannabis work so well is its ability to bring people together. These suits and spooks will never see this. Of course, by suits I mean people who have no idea what cannabis is other than a potential profit margin and spooks for those of you who didn’t grow up back in the day is another word for a cop. Cannabis is medicine, just not one they can replicate synthetically.

Cannabis is a medicine that helps many people in many ways. Everyone from children to the elderly and in-between can benefit from this incredible plant. It’s not just THC there’s a long list of other cannabinoids that are proving to be extremely beneficial. CBD is one of them. CBD can also be found in the hemp plant which contains virtually no THC. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain some THC.

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Cannabis is helping to save the lives of thousands of people around the world. You’ll hear the stories circulating on the internet and wonder if they’re true or not. If you’re curious to learn a little bit more about stories like this let me be the first to tell you that Granny is one of them. If it were not for cannabis Granny most likely wouldn’t be here. I was placed upon a regimen of pharmaceuticals that had me in a wheelchair and a helmet for over a decade.

The list of pharmaceuticals I consumed daily as prescribed by my doctor would bring you to tears. If not for the awesome medicinal powers of medical cannabis Granny fears she would never have been able to overcome getting out of that wheelchair and stepping back into the public. Pharmaceuticals robbed me of my life. While I took what my doctor told me to and did what everyone thought I should do my soul was dying. I found myself a hostage in my own home trapped in my bedroom afraid to go out into the world.

Afraid because I was medically unable to. I mean what kind of day or time would I have in a helmet and wheelchair? I can tell you they’re nothing like the times I’ve had thanks to cannabis. Granny had to become a medical cannabis refugee and leave her home and family behind moving to Colorado in order to successfully utilize the benefits of cannabis whole plant therapy to kick the addiction to the deadly pharmaceutical plethora of pills she was on.


More than anything Granny wants people to learn that cannabis is medicine. It’s not something for people to just get high on. Even those who don’t have a prescription for cannabis that choose cannabis over alcohol or other forms of recreational relaxation should have the right to do so. Alcohol and tobacco claim the lives of thousands every year. The same cannot be said about cannabis ever in history. There has never been one official death directly linked to cannabis that this Granny knows of. If you have one and can prove it with records, by all means, please bring it to my attention. Until then you listen to what Granny says when she tells you cannabis is medicine.

Coltyn Turner will tell you cannabis is medicine. This young man coined the phrase I’d rather be illegally alive than legally dead. It’s sad that a young man has to use such powerful words as this to make people wake up and understand that cannabis is medicine.

Another name you might be familiar with is Alexis Bortell. This brave little girl is not only battling Dravet Syndrome epilepsy, but she’s also taking on the federal government in the form of a class action lawsuit against Jeff Sessions. That’s right Alexis Bortell is the little girl suing Jeff Sessions to remove cannabis from the list of controlled substances. She’s not suing for money. She’s suing for the right of every human on the planet. Our political leaders play games with our lives.

They play games with the lives of our children, the lives of those who protect and serve our country, and the lives of everyday citizens on a daily basis. We need to come together and let those in power who oppose cannabis know we oppose them. It’s time they listen to the voice and will of the people and put our priorities over their own agenda.


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