North Dakota Will Vote on Legalization This Fall


North Dakota could become the next state to legalize cannabis for recreational or retail purposes. According to North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger, supporters of placing a legalization measure on the November ballot have submitted more than enough valid signatures to do just that. A proposal to legalize and regulate cannabis for adults over the age of 21 received more than 14,600 signatures.

This measure also looks to seal the record of anyone who has been convicted of a cannabis-related offense that would be legal under the new measure. If passed this legislation could drastically benefit thousands of previous low-level cannabis offenders in the state. That’s not all either. This bill very well could be the most progressive bill that voters in any state have ever been able to vote upon for legalization. If passed, the measure as it stands defines no limitations for the amount of cannabis that can be possessed by adults over the age of 21.

It doesn’t stop there. This bill also does not define a limitation on the number of cannabis plants that can be cultivated without a commercial license. Similar to how there are no restrictions on how many tomatoes you can grow or possess in your home. This is something no other state that has legalized cannabis offers. For this reason, many feel the bill will have to undergo many amendments before it would actually be signed into law.

In 2016 voters approved medical cannabis and the state is currently working on the logistics for regulating and implementing the market in the state. If this measure passes in November, it has many people wondering if the two markets may launch at the same time.

Everyone should have the freedom to grow and utilize this plant. Medicine and safe recreational choices should not be limited to a zip code or imaginary border. That is why it is great news to hear that North Dakota will be joining several other states this fall in hopes of reforming the draconian cannabis laws currently in place.

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