Unconditional Love Trip 2018 – Day 4

Compiled By James Priest

On day 4 of the Unconditional Love Trip 2018 for Granny and Seth, we took a break and rested. It was the first cold snap of the year setting a record in Denver. Reflecting on the last few days of our trip, Seth and Granny talked about the differences in being at home vs. being here in Colorado.

Pain is real and seems to always be with you. Panic attacks are the same way for those who live with them. Pharmaceuticals have their benefits at times, (they’re not all bad) but they also can have many disadvantages. Damage to the liver and alarming addiction rates are the worst. These factors attribute to overdoses and deaths. Nobody has ever died from cannabis.

When the cold moved in, and they both started to feel it on their bones, they were able to medicate with a natural plant that left them smiling and laughing. This versus sleeping or feeling like a doped-up zombie from valium or Ativan. It was great to sit with these two and hear about life from their point of view.


Looking at Life Through the Eyes of Others

Listening to Seth talk about how great Mary’s Medicinal Pain Patches makes him feel was great. His smile said more than words could say. This guy lives with pain and anxiety every day. To see him this happy and so eager to tell the world how great the pain patches made him feel is a true testament to the power of cannabis to me.  He felt so good he even did a short video to put on his website to tell the world.

Granny is doing great but really feeling the cold snap in her bones. Ativan has loads of dangerous side effects. When Granny is in Kansas, this is the way she has to medicate. For now, her and Seth get to enjoy freedom. A principle this country was founded on that seems to be fading. People like Seth, Granny, and others should be allowed to medicate freely at home.

These invisible lines that make up America seem to be hurting its citizens. I find it embarrassing that America is behind Canada with cannabis legalization. It’s causing our country to lose out on jobs and health benefits in order to continue to demonize cannabis consumers in the country.

Seth and Granny 1
The Green Life Granny and Seth Green of Greener Pastures TN

It’s Time to Weed Out Our U.S. Government Officials

Hearing the two of them talk about not having to take big pharma’s drugs was great in one way and sad in another. WTF people? Why are we allowing our government to divide a nation and make citizens of this country suffer and choose lines to live behind? The last time our nation was divided it was one of the deadliest conflicts in U.S. history.

Today the war against cannabis has claimed countless lives to incarceration and the aftermath. Why is it that just one state line away people can use a safe, natural medicine that gives folks like Granny and Seth life instead of big pharma medicines that robs life from them? The answer to that is greed, corruption, power, and control. It’s time we stop allowing political officials to dived us.

As a nation, we need to stand up for the rights and freedoms our country stands for. Pills kill, not cannabis. Enough is enough America, let’s usher in the needed change of cannabis legalization across the country as a whole. Perhaps we could take a play out of Canada’s playbook and abolish a mistake made decades ago by a racist and misinformed American government.

Seth and Granny 2
Cannabis Advocates and Patients Lisa High and Seth Green

It Takes You to A Higher Place

Patients like Seth, Granny, and others deserve to chose what goes in their body, not their state elected officials. They are supposed to represent the people not force their own private agenda on them. We all deserve to live free in America, not just some of us. Thank you for taking the time to follow the Unconditional Love Trip 2018 with Seth Green and Lisa High.

Its been a pleasure visiting with these two, but now the time has come where I have to travel on. The road is long and filled with patients to see and stories to tell. Remember to support medical cannabis and hemp in your state. Laws don’t change unless we make them. All who support cannabis are seeds, and a single seed can tip the scales of injustice towards the favor of the people. You could be that seed.

Cannabis is medicine. A medicine that provides relief while giving life back to those who are sedated in a pharma haze. Improved mobility, better mood, less anxiety, reduced pain and more, cannabis can take you to a higher place. One where you get to live life instead of watching it through the eyes of others.

Unconditional Love Trip 2018 Day 3

Compiled By James Priest

Mary’s Medicinal pain patches were miraculous for Seth. Saturday morning started off with massages by Yvonne of Feel the Knead. Seth went first taking a 90-minute healing massage. The panic of meeting someone new was replaced by a calming from cannabis. After a few moments of talking with Yvonne, Seth’s mind was at rest. While Seth laid on the table to heal, Granny and I ventured out to some chores.

Granny is often gripped with panic attacks and PTSD. Top that with chronic pain and irregular bowels and it can leave you confined to home. Not today though. Granny had her oil and some Jilly to get her silly and off we went to run errands. The bank, gas, grass, and coffee were all accomplished with the greatest of ease.

Remember Mary’s Medicinal pain patches I started out talking about? We went by Native Roots on Tejon Street and picked up a few more for Seth.mind you this is driving around on a Saturday morning on the last beautiful day before a snow storm moves into the Colorado Springs area on Sunday. There was no anxiety, and the pain was minimum making the day go smooth. After completing our chores, we headed back to the house so that Granny could take her massage.

Seth was smiling from ear to ear when we returned. I traded Granny for Seth and off we went. We had an hour and a half to kill. Now, what to do on a budget to have fun? Keep in mind that this trip is about sharing smiles and love. We headed off to McDonald’s (Seth’s favorite place) and grabbed a round of McMuffins. Then it was off to find something else to do while Granny was getting her healing massage.

We just so happened to see a Goodwill store. So we stopped. When your financially challenged these places aren’t only good for deals, you can have fun too! We shopped around looking to see what kind of treasures we could find. Both of us scored some shirts. I found a wild blanket and a classic Halloween mask. All for $12! Next, it was off to visit Toke-A-Lot. This is the only place in the area I know that you can score some ganja or edibles. Seth bought a doobie legally. Something about that just feels right.

Now all three of us are rolling around Colorado Springs together. Granny and Seth are in high spirits after getting their massages. Witnessing the two of them moving about comfortably and without panic and anxiety attacks truly helps demonstrate the power of cannabis. This Saturday is an exceptionally busy one. Tomorrow a big snow storm is moving into Colorado. We have to hit the store and get some supplies so that we don’t have to run around anywhere during the storm.

We stopped by Tree of Wellness to pick up some cannabis-infused butter. This just sounds like it would be the missing ingredient for a jalapeno cheddar cornbread to go with our pot of chili we plan on making to help stay warm during the cold snap on Sunday. By this time we were in the thick of five traffic which is enough to make even me feel bajiggity. We still had to go to Walmart which is in my book the worst.

Walmart looked like it was giving away free groceries or something. Everybody in Colorado Springs was there stocking up before the storm. With snow coming in on Sunday and temperatures dropping down into the teens and twenties nobody wants to venture out unless they have to. The store was so busy, and it had been a while since anyone had medicated.

For the first time of the day anxiety and panic started to creep up. What was truly beautiful though was nobody had to take Valiums or Ativan. The thought and comfort of knowing you could safely and legally medicate at home were enough to keep those all too familiar feelings at bay. We made it through Walmart and managed to get ourselves home for the night. When we got back it was time to dab, eat an edible, take some cannabis oil and rub holy anointing oil on our hands and knees.


It was a great sight to see the two of them out in all that hustle and bustle. Both Seth and Granny managed to get out and live life in a fast-paced world without having a meltdown. Cannabis helps heal people in all kinds of ways. Sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, and sometimes it’s a little bit of both. It would seem that more and more one of the side effects of cannabis is happiness, smiles, hugs, and unconditional love.

Unconditional Love Trip 2018 Day 2: The Pizza Party

Compiled By James Priest

Day two of the Unconditional Love Trip with Seth Green and Lisa High started out like many other days for Lisa. She awoke to pain and PTSD. Pain and PTSD that was quickly put to rest thanks to cannabis. Seth had a great start to his day. Instead of waking up and having to take a half milligram Valium he woke up feeling great. He was able to wake up and take cannabis oil followed up by a morning joint and dab.

After medicating, both Granny and Seth oiled their limbs with the Hope Grows Foundations Holy Anointing Oil. We all munched a little breakfast and spent a short time doing our morning routines. Now to see the beauty of cannabis and unconditional love we’re getting ready to venture out on a trip to Walsenburg Colorado to visit a friend.

Barb Johnson, the owner of Walsenburg Pizza, is a fantastic friend and cannabis activist.
She’s part of an upcoming show that’s in the works called 3 Grams of Cannabis. What will the day hold? Nobody knows, but what we do know is that it won’t be a day inside staring at the world through the eyes of the internet. Today is a day that we will be part of the world. We are on a mission to share unconditional love, smiles, and hugs.


TGIF is Best With Buds

The day found us traveling across Colorado Springs out to Walsenburg to Walsenburg Pizza. We stopped and shared smiles and stories along the way. We found time to cut up in the truck. We also made the time to stop by the Spot 420 and get our pictures taken by the awesome mural on the back of the building. Next, it was off to Marisol Gardens to get some cannabis inhalers.


For the next few days when they feel an anxiety attack coming on both Lisa and Seth can turn to a quick few puffs off of an inhaler which is much better than the alternative. After leaving Marisol we stopped by one of my favorite dispensaries, Doctor’s Orders Stem Beach, just south of Pueblo off of I-25. You can’t miss the place, it has a green dinosaur on top of the building.

We finally ended up at Barb’s for pizza. Walsenburg Pizza is the place to go for fresh dough. All the ingredients are fresh, and the service is on point. Drinks are served in mason jars, and as little waste as possible goes out of this pizza joint. You’re encouraged to bring your own containers for to-go orders and the to go cups for sauce are made from vegetables. It’s 7 at night, and we’re still out in public living life.


Freedom Feels Amazing

We sat and had pizza and enjoyed the company of a full house at Walsenburg Pizza. Before we knew it the night was winding down, and it was almost closing time. We said goodbye to Barb exchanged hugs and loaded up in the truck to head back to Colorado Springs.

What usually is a day packed with pain, anxiety, and PTSD was replaced with happiness and joy. The cannabis had worked beautifully. As the day progressed, it seemed as if Lisa and Seth were high on life. Smiles and laughter were abundant.

It was 10 at night by the time we made it home. By the time we got settled, we were all ready for bed. A day full of unconditional love and living life can sure leave you ready for a good night sleep. We smoked a joint, did a dab, ate an edible, took some oil, and oiled up with Holy Anointing oil and called it a night. Tomorrow is a new day with more unconditional love and massages on the way.

Unconditional Love Trip 2018 – Day 1

Compiled By James Priest

The drive was long, very long. We traveled from around noon till midnight. 12 hours in a car for medical patients like Seth and Granny is not the same as trips for most people. There are more stops for stretching and bathroom breaks. But after a long day and night of driving, we made it to Colorado.

Waking up here it was cold and dry compared to the damp, humid air in Kansas and Tennessee. The first sign of unconditional love was first thing in the morning when I saw Granny and Seth sharing a little heater together. They both started their day with a healthy dose of cannabis oil from The Hope Grows Foundation. A long drive like that leaves you feeling tired and beat down.

Add being a medical patient with scar tissue, PTSD, and seizure disorders just to name a few conditions to the list and that day becomes even more exhausting. Even with all the pain, anxiety, and discomfort, they both have, they wear smile in knowing that today, they won’t hurt. They won’t fight anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, or depression with only a prescription bottle to turn to.

Medical Cannabis Has Their Back in Colorado

After a dab and smoking a morning doobie “LEGALLY,” it was time to get some medicine for the next few days. What will the following days hold? Nobody knows for sure. What we do know is that it won’t revolve around sitting inside in a room all day or having to medicate with dangerous prescription drugs to function.

Seth Green has a plethora of natural plant medicine options to heal with when in Colorado. From topical lotions and transdermal creams to tinctures, bath bombs, cannabis concentrates, edibles, and more, cannabis gets the job done where prescription drugs don’t.

The prescription drugs that do work leave patients like Seth and Granny feeling dull and void of that spark of life. Many of these drugs affect GABA production in the body. GABA helps to influence your mood, appetite, sleep habits and more. Today is not a prescription day, it’s a redemption day. Medical cannabis has their back in Colorado.


Making the World A Better Place One Smile at A Time

Sadness, pain, depression, and anxiety affect so many people today. A simple smile can change the day turning it around for someone. Granny and Seth are both facilitating smiles today in person. They will be handing them out all day long today. With those smiles also come hugs.

From the random traveler asking for food or change to the people you come in contact with each day in life, you have the power to make their day a better one. When people are filled with this much love, it’s a shame to dampen and dull that love with prescription drugs.

Share hugs, smiles and pass a compliment today. If you’re in Colorado Springs today, you may just catch one of those smiles or a hug from Granny or Seth coming your way. Every day isn’t a perfect day, but every day in Colorado is a better one than it is back home for both Granny and Seth.

Seth and Granny 2
Cannabis Advocates and Patients Lisa High and Seth Green

Bad Laws Hurt Good People

Bad laws hurt good people. Thousands of lives are ruined each year in America over people medicating with a safe and natural plant. Meanwhile, our political leaders turn a blind eye to the citizens of our nation. It’s time as a people that we stand united in support of the human right to choose how to treat their body. Medicine today is often forced. It’s sad.

Cannabis didn’t cure Lisa or Seth, it offered them both a higher quality of life. It’s sad that they can’t feel as good as they do today, every day. Cannabis is still against the law in draconian states like Kansas and Tennessee. Even as Kansas faces a 3-billion-dollar shortfall on their budget, politicians there would rather turn to gambling, alcohol, and tax hikes rather than access the millions of dollars cannabis could generate.

Tennessee seems ok with being an opioid addiction capital. Free Suboxone and methadone (well taxpayers pay for it) to go with cheap booze and cigarette prices. Way to go Volunteer state. Your open support of alcohol combined with the abundance of methadone clinics facilitates domestic violence, sickness, and turmoil. The Midwest and the southeastern United States need to get with the times, this isn’t the civil war era, we are a united country that these states are keeping divided.

Wouldn’t America be a better place if everybody experienced and shared a little unconditional love? Patients like Lisa High, Seth Green, and others deserve to live as free in their home state as they do when they travel elsewhere in America. The only way to make that happen is by sharing and caring. Love conquers all.