Talk to Granny

You will quickly learn that Granny loves Unicorns, and well who doesn’t get a kick out of a unicorn riding a T-Rex?

Oh yes, that’s right… this is my contact page…

Do you have something you want to share with Granny? If you want to share your story with Granny and others or just drop a line to say hello you’re in the right place. You can also send me your product and I will gladly give it an honest review. If you own a cannabis business and are in need of services Granny knows a few people to point you in the right direction too.

Granny works very closely with her family at CannaLance. Together we are able to do video reviews, written reviews, interviews, as well as publish stories, news, and more. Should you want us to come out and tour your business or hear your story, just let Granny know.

Whatever the reason you’re looking to get in touch with Granny, this is the spot to do it. Please fill out the contact form below with as much information as possible. I promise I will do my best to not only read your messages but to respond to them as quickly as possible.

Love – Granny

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