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Services That Serve A Purpose

Telling the Stories that Need to be Told

As a medical cannabis patient and someone who has just learned about all the beautiful opportunities offered from an herbal lifestyle combined with holistic healing, I want to share what I’ve learned as well as the connections I’ve made. Networking does more than help to cultivate friendship, it can lead to flowering success.

I have partnered with the husband and wife team at CannaLance, James and Ashley Priest, to help cultivate education and get the stories told that need to be heard! The stories that could save lives. The stories that could change someone’s perception of this miraculous plant and set them on the path to a higher quality of life!

Essential Oils

My healing and newfound quality of life are also highly attributed to essential oils from doTERRA. This is why I have become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and have a vast network of knowledgeable individuals who can help educate you surrounding the plethora of ways essential oils can be incorporated into your lifestyle.  We can also help you get Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils in your home with ease.

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